Court Qualified Expert


Theresa F. Dean has over twenty-five years experience in conducting handwriting and document analysis examinations. Ms. Dean’s expertise draws upon a genuine interest in all aspects of Handwriting Investigations, a passion which began at the age of 18. Ms. Dean is able to review questioned documents and investigative reports with a trained eye, identify the core & subtle nuances and discrepancies that become critical issues for council and/or opposing council.

She utilizes laboratory equipment as necessary to satisfy herself that her professional opinions can stand the scrutiny of a court or jury. In several cases, Ms. Deans’ reports, testimony and depositions have resulted in million dollar settlements. Elements in a case that have been overlooked are often brought to light due to her meticulous review and analysis. 
A solid reputation in report writing, professionalism and investigative experience make Ms. Dean a proven credible expert witness.

When you need it yesterday, many cases can be scanned at high resolution and emailed for immediate review & examination.   Call today for free initial consultation.