in a world where no two people are alike, we provide another means of identification...

A person's handwriting has long been recognized as a form of human identification. This fact is the reason people are required to sign checks, wills, deeds and contracts. A person's signature, or their "mark", lends authenticity, authority and credibility to a document. A Forensic Document Examiner is a person who examines a document to gather facts that will establish the true nature of its origin and history.

HandwritingForensics has a proven track record in the Courtroom. 

Over 20 years experience; 50 Courtroom Testimonies; Always prepared;

Effective communication skills; Qualified in all Courts.

Private Investigator - Over 17 years experience w/ Civil & Criminal cases. 

Theresa Dean

Forensic Document Examiner
Private Investigator #2352

Handwriting Forensics
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