in a world where no two people are alike, we provide another means of identification...


Forensic Document Examination/Handwriting Identification - A Forensic Document Examiner is someone who scientifically examines a document to gather facts that will establish the true nature of its history and origin. We are concerned with the examination of all physical features of documents, making critical analyses and comparisons of documents to establish genuineness or exposed alleged forgery. Typical cases accepted include questioned signatures, anonymous writing, graffiti, and medical records. Handwriting identification is a comparison analysis of the questioned writing with known handwriting samples. When you retain Handwriting Forensics, you can be assured that standard, accepted handwriting identification methodologies are followed.

Litigation Support - Having been qualified as an expert in all Courts by each Judge that I have been before, my experience in testifying as a Forensic Handwriting Expert goes back over 25 years. Photographic enlargements or Powerpoint presentations are used in the Courtroom to show how conclusions are reached. I take into account the fact that most jury members are not eager to be in Court anyway. Exhibits are presented in a clear, concise form. The jury will decide the case based on how the expert presents the information; therefore, it is of utmost importance to effectively communicate with the jury. Maintaining the jury's attention through effective communication skills and convincing, easy to understand exhibits, is a part of my proven track record in the Courtroom.

Investigations - Services include criminal and civil investigations, witness locating and interviewing, and data base searches. The client determines my role as the investigator. In general, these are the areas I may be of assistance: meet with the client; read the discovery; create a witness List & timeline; presence in the courtroom; trial preparation.  The benefits of hiring an Investigator are to track down documents, to track down witnesses, to investigate leads the client may give, to avoid an ineffective assistance of counsel claim on the Attorney, and a reluctant witness may be more inclined to talk to a friendly, personable Investigator than a telephone call or having to leave messages.  The main reason to hire an Investigator for the Attorney is that the Attorney cannot call himself as a witness at trial in the event the witness changes his/her story.


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